Some days are hard; some days feel impossible.
Even when you are doing so much right.
Even when you are shining so brightly.
Even when the world is filled with possibility.
Deep inside, that little voice sings out its nagging song
that makes you feel that you are not good enough, you don’t fit in,
you will never achieve anything, that you’ll make a mistake.
It is relentless in its singing of the song.
It is like a tape recorder on a continuous loop, playing over and over.
You try to shut it off, and you may be able to pause it for a short while,
and somewhat enjoy the moment, but as soon as the moment is done,
the song starts again like an ear-worm of the Never-Ending Song.
It calls out to you in the dark, it interferes with your sleep.
It stops you from  thinking and deciding, as the lyrics and refrain wrap themselves around
your synaptic pathways and ensure you can’t move from where you are.
Its booming base causes your heart to match its rhythm, and your lungs to quicken their
pace of intake.
The song is annoying, and loud, and the beat puts you out of pace with your natural step.
You try and find the stop button to the song, or even the pause button to give yourself
the chance to have quiet, to rest for a second, and to breathe.
And when you do, the singer pulls back, hides under the pathways, and in the dark
recesses of the mind, waiting for that moment when it can sing again,
while you work hard to ensure the silence endures and the peace remains.