June 2022

Shine Out! Shout Out! Tournament in Support of Youth Mental Health to Return Sept. 10th

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The Pandemic has had a significant impact on youth mental health, and Just Be You has continued to be there for youth who are struggling by providing much needed peer support.

And now, we are asking you to be there for youth on September 10, 2022, a date that coincides with World Suicide Prevention Day. 

It has been over two years since the last Shine Out! Shout Out! fundraiser because of the pandemic but the work of the Just Be You peer program for youth dealing with mental health concerns continued. During the Pandemic we continued the program virtually, given how important it is for youth to stay connected, not only with friends but also with community resources, and to have a safe place to hang out and have fun. The Pandemic showed us the harsh impact isolation, loss of social connection, and inability to do things that are part of everyday life (like school) on a young person’s mental well-being.

The Just Be You Peer Program

The Just Be You (JBY) peer support program was started as a means to fill the gap for youth for whom there is no effective transition from the youth to the adult mental health system. Co- designed with youth, JBY is unique in its offering as a weekly social-recreational peer program that runs all year. JBY provides a space for youth ages 15-25 to hang out, have fun, without fear of judgment or stigma, to socialize on their terms, and to just be youth. To know that they are not alone at a time when they feel alone. Youth do not need a diagnosis to attend. Access is drop-in based.

JBY reaches youth that are socially isolated and/or facing multiple barriers of stigma, financial challenges, illness, or transportation. For some youth JBY is a safe entry point in seeking support for their mental health. Transportation is provided for youth that would otherwise not be able to attend and who would therefore remain isolated. Often there are barriers to accessing mental health programs such as where you live or whether you have a diagnosis; we didn’t want to do that for this program. Youth choose what activities they want to do whether it is having someone to come in and speak with them; a community event; or even just hanging out, having fun and chatting with each other – all at no cost for the youth. Staff trained in mental health and peer support are available for check-ins and one-on-one chats.

And the feedback shows the success the program is having.  JBY Participants have told us:


  • “I have gained strong friendships…Those connections often carry me through the day because I get to remember the laughs we have…”
  • This group means a connection between friends, support, and welcoming, safe space.”
  • “This is the only place I have connections”
  • “I look forward to JBY every week”
  • “I never had friends or hung with people my age, I always thought I was weird, until I came to JBY; people are fun and welcoming. Plus, I love the staff they make it a safe space for me to just be me”
  • “I love hanging around and just chatting….a positive anchor point in my week – especially a week when the bullying has been intense and my anxiety high “
  • “JBY is the reason I am trying to better myself”


Parents/Health & Community Support have also told us:

  • “My child talks about JBY all the time” (Parent)
  • “This is such an important and amazing program…so happy it is available in our community…we have seen a real impact and the very real difference it makes. Thank you.”(Parent)
  • JBY is having a profound impact on youth” (Parent)
  • “I am doing 35% of the work, you are doing the other 65%” – (Psychiatrist, Acute Care)

Tournament is key source of funding for JBY 

Funds raised at the annual Shine Out! Shout Out! adult recreational hockey tournament are the primary source of funds for JBY, and are supplemented by funding from individual donations and grants from organizations like Kindred Foundation. The program is run in partnership with Support House and is also connected to other community organizations such as ADAPT, and ROCK in Halton.

Thanks to the Shine Out! Shout Out! tournament we have been able to provide 7 years of peer support to youth in Halton – that is 450 drop-in sessions and cumulative attendance of over 5000. As well JBY has assisted with numerous connections/referrals to mental health, addictions, housing, or social service supports.

Programs like JBY are needed more than ever. And this is where you come in. On September 10, 2022 we will be running our 8th annual Shine Out! Shout Out! hockey tournament to raise funds and raise awareness for youth mental health and the Just Be You peer support program. We are asking you to help make a huge difference in the lives of youth by making this our most memorable fundraising event and allowing us to make the most of the Kindred Foundation’s pledge of up to $15,000 in matching donations!

How can you Shine Out? 

Through sponsorship of the tournament, by donation to the Just Be You Fund, or donation in kind to our silent auction or raffle. How can you Shout Out? By supporting our event, you will be recognized in all written material, including the day of the event, as well as on social media. Approximately 400 people attend the event, including community leaders, as well as having been covered by CBC TV News, as well as radio and newspapers. This is a great way for you to be recognized as a community leader for youth mental health.


Navigator $2,500 – I want to help grow the capacity of Just Be You so that other youth across the

province/country can have the benefit of such programs in their community

Green Ribbon $1,500 – I want to help with transportation and workshops/activities

Shiner $1,000 – I want to help a youth receive 50 weeks of peer support

Shouter $500 – I want to help a youth receive 6 months of peer support.


A Reason to Give – any amount welcome to the Just Be You Fund (tax receipts provided).

DONATIONS to silent auction or raffle – products, items, services, or tickets.

Named products/items are welcome to be included in handout bags to players.

To contact us about sponsorships or donations, including for our silent auction or raffle, or if you would like to know about other ways you can contribute to this event contact us at  1-800-637-1108 or information@shineshout.com or by visiting our website at www.shineshout.com.