We had heard this song before but had not seen the picture compilation video. Hometown Battlefield was written by Nova Scotia singer / songwriter JP Cormier. The video JP put together was with the contributions of the families and friends whose loved ones served in the armed services only to face another battle with the demons who tagged along on their journey home. We need to let those who served know it is not a sign of weakness to ask for help; it does not make them any less a soldier, sailor, or airman. We need to ensure our government puts in place the supports they need – whether it is health care (mental and physical), family support, housing, education, career assistance or retraining. We need to help them chase away the demons or at the least be able to manage them so as to live life fully for themselves and their family. We need to thank them, hold them, be there with them. We need to recognize as a nation that a death by suicide caused by the impact of PTSD should be no less recognized by our country than someone who died in conflict or in carrying out their duties in the armed services. Shame on us as a nation if we fail them after they stood on guard for us. Let us remember ALL service men and women and those who support them and all of those who died at home and abroad because of conflict and those who came home with scars – whether visible or invisible. Lest We Forget.