“We measure success in steps so small that for most they are immeasurable, but for us they can be akin to the steps of giants.” (MS) That is how it can be for someone living with or caring for a person with a mental illness or disorder. A good day after a series of bad days; a picture with a natural and genuine smile; participating in a game or event; hanging out with a friend (or making friends);¬†going on family vacations and having those vacations go without any blips; getting to school regularly or not having any calls from school that day. Even simple things like eating at the supper table with family, choosing what to eat, or spending time watching TV with the family can be a monumental endeavour when someone is hurting. And so for the person living with the mental illness and / or their family members expectations are adjusted and measures refined to where success is measured one day at a time, one step at a time, however small those steps may be.