Our compassion and concern for our fellow man must go beyond the headline that makes news – we are all part of humanity – so why does one story make more news than another, why is one life more important than another? Because we can relate more? Because it gets more media coverage? Because we display a “that’s just their way of life” attitude? Or is it because with a 1st world or western-world city being so violently attacked that we easily can go to a “if it can happen there it can happen here” view? 

Horrific attacks happened in Beirut, Baghdad, and Paris in the same week and yet we hear and see the world talk of Paris. I cannot cast the first stone on this matter as I am equally guilty but the stark reality after reading a well-placed news article has been a wake-up call for me to lift the blinders off the expanse of my everyday compassion and caring and become more reflective of humanity as a whole. 
Week after week people are dying by the tens, hundreds, or thousands because of the darkness and hate that is spread in the name of many reasons, beliefs, or causes. The attacks on mankind are reflected in what happened in Paris but also go beyond Paris. 

I have always considered myself caring and compassionate. I always have believed everyone has the right to dignity and respect, a right to be heard and be listened to, and that no person is meant to be less than or beneath another. And yet, somehow, as one article said, I too have shown in one way or another ‘selective grief’ for what is happening in our world. 

As long as we make the divides artificially or naturally, as long as we create levels of importance when it comes to life, as long as we are selective in our grief or caring, how can we ever expect to achieve peace? The blinders are lifted and I am seeing the world more broadly for all its beauty and ugliness, its good and its bad, its hate and its love, its darkness and its light. I am truly saddened for all those whose lives were lost or impacted by the horrible events this week in Beirut, Baghdad, and Paris and in other places in the world by those who purport to be doing so out of a perversion of their beliefs. In this week of remembrance – let us do just that – remember. Lest We Forget.